Saturday, September 02, 2006

On The Road Again

On The Road Again

Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest periods of time for highway travel. Along with the anticipation of a three day weekend and plans to say goodbye to the record setting '06 summer season comes some sobering statistics. More DUI accidents and fatalities occur during this holiday than any other and 2005 saw deaths on the roadways rise to their highest level in 15 years.

Drive So As To Stay Alive

1. Don't be hasty, think about vehicle safety
- How are your tires, fuel and fluid levels and lights?

2. Once you hit the road, you're in driving mode

- Stay focused and alert.
- Limit cell phone use.
- Bring plenty of patience.

3. Stop and think, if your going to drive don't DRINK!
- For that one evening of "bliss", think about this.
- You are being watched, drivers are encouraged to call highway patrol when they observe erratic driving.
- Just before you go to bed, you will always have memories of that accident in your head and when you wake up when the sun begins to rise you will see their face in your eyes.

"Do not look at wine when it exhibits a red color, when it gives off its sparkle in the cup, when it goes with a slickness. At its end it bites just like a serpent, and it secretes poison just like a viper. Your own eyes will see strange things and your own heart will speak perverse things" - Proverbs 23:31-33

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taylor said...

In my opinion everyone should be very careful while he/she is on the road whether walking or driving.

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