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Global Warming - It's Impact on Emergency Management

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1. .pdf link to UN Report
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5. NOAA National Hurricane Center
6. NOAA US Drought Outlook

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The Reports

Global Warming Report #1 from the Intergover-nmental Panel on Climate Change was released in February.

It declared that global warming had become a "runaway train" and that human activities were "very likely" to blame.

Global Warming Report #2 was issued on Friday,April 6,2007. This report is the second of four scheduled to be released this year by the UN. It paints a near-apocalyptic vision of Earth's future: hundreds of millions of people short of water, extreme food shortages in Africa, a landscape ravaged by floods and millions of species sentenced to extinction. The latest study investigated the possibility of a broader, global climatic mechanism that could cause drought.

Increasing temperatures will reconfigure coastlines around the world as the oceans rise, affecting among many,the tiny islands of the South Pacific and the Asian deltas, there they will be overwhelmed by storm surges.
In this segment we will only be talking about weather phenomena referred to in the aforementioned studies.


The Role of Emergency Managers

The EM's role is not to debate the statistics, but prepare for them, like clouds on the horizon and a shift in the wind, we know a storm is in the making.

Location, Location, Location

Location will dictate what events to prepare for, every region has and will have, according to the report, its own unique hazards.


Pulse of the Planet

Being alert to climactic reports and events will give EM's needed information to plan and prepare for coming events.



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